How to use...

I Macoritti are an easy and light snack, ideal for a break at the office or at school. It is possible to choose among many different tastes and try I Macoritti yummy and light bites! I Macoritti are perfect to accompany aperitifs. With their distinctive shape, they are ideal for a dip and taste experience with creamy sauces, spreads and soft cheeses. I Macoritti are the short breadsticks representing a fragrant subsitute for bread, together with a light vegetable based meal or as a side for fish, cold cuts and cheeses.

Find out some suggestions on how to use I Macoritti!
Dipping I Macoritti classici in strawberry jam or hazelnut spread, drinking a glass of fruit juice and eating some fresh fruit.
Tasting I Macoritti with sesame seeds accompanied by an assortment of different cheese, fruit and nuts
I Macoritti aromatic herbs with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and a glass of Italian sparkling wine.
I Macoritti Classici with extra virgin olive oil with some different cold cuts, pickels in wine vinegar and a cold beer.
I Macoritti tomato&oregano dipped in hot mexican sauce or hummus, paired with a tasty Mojito.
I Macoritti with rosemary and capers as side for scallops, raw fish and a glass of Italian white wine.
Tasting and assortiment of I Macoritti with salami, deep fried appetizers and Italian wine