Simple and genuine since 1961
Our Company was founded in 1961 and from then we have grown with the objectives of guaranteeing the quality of our products, having a varied assortment, as well as a providing meticulous and punctual service for our clients.
Although we make use of modern equipment and technologies, we still follow the artisan method in the creation of our products.
From the very beginning, our bakery carried out the best from our tradition, to which we have combined goodwill, passion and rigour of our culture.
The quality of our products comes therefore from a strong innovation in tradition.

Our Quality

Our products are created with a precise combination of authentic ingredients, flour, water, yeast and salt, by our experienced bakers. For this reason we select the best flours, we respect rest periods and we follow traditional recipes and methods to create daily authentic and genuine products that reflect our company’s philosophy.
Our Strengths
  1. Accurate selection of ingredients
  2. “Long Rise” production method
  3. Recyclable packaging
  4. Attention to market trends and emerging consumer needs
  5. Constructive dialog with suppliers and customers
  6. Bio and IFS Certifications